About the Physics Society

The Carleton University Physics Society (CUPS) provides a way for undergraduate and graduate students to get involved with the department by meeting other students and taking part in various seminars, trips, and activities that the society and the department run.

Past events include:

  • Pizza and a Prof: A series of lectures hosted by CUPS where a professor from the Department of Physics gives a talk on their area of research, after which pizza is served.
  • Pub Nights held at Ollie’s, Carleton’s undergraduate student pub.
  • A visit to SNOLAB: A trip thousands of feet underground in Sudbury to visit SNOLAB, home to experiments such as DEAP-3600 and EXO.
  • Attending the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) and the Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWIP), featuring presentations by undergraduate students from all over the country. Gives students an opportunity to network with other physics students, attend lectures given by keynote speakers, and present their research at a national conference.

If you're interested in joining the society, contact a member of the society executive.