Medical Physics Alumni


Name Year of Graduation Degree Current/last known Position
Rao, BSS 1970 M.Sc.   
Devnani, Holo 1971 M.Sc.  
Mortimer, Alan 1974 M.Sc. Scientist, Canadian Space Agency
Richardson, Donald 1975 M.Sc.  
White, Mike 1977 M.Sc. Ontario Hydro
Ebifegha, Michael 1980 M.Sc.  
Kapoor, Kulvir 1981 Ph.D. Ontario Hydro
Shahbazian, Hripsime 1984 M.Sc. Associate Manager, Office of Science, Health Canada
Faddegon, Bruce 1990 Ph.D. Professor, University of California, San Francisco
Dokht, Reza 1991 M.Sc. Sessional instructor in medical physics, Tehran
Older, Julia 1991 M.Sc.  
Weber, Andrew 1991 M.Sc. (BSc, 1988) telecommunications industry
Zakhour, Elias 1991 M.Sc. Clinical Physicist in Saudi Arabia
Heller, Dennis 1993 Ph.D. VP, Pharmaceutical Development, XenoBiotic Laboratories Inc., Plainsboro, NJ
Lawrence, Ted 1993 M.Sc. Medical Physicist, St John N.B.
Wilkins, David 1993 Ph.D. Radiotherapy physicist, Ottawa Cancer Centre, past President of Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine, member of OMPI
Akyurekli, Dennis 1995 Ph.D. (MSc 1998, BSc 1985) Clinical Physicist, Washington DC
Corsten, Ria 1995 M.Sc. Director of Clinical Medical Physics, St John's Nfld.
Ding, George 1995 Ph.D. Director and Chief Physicist, Vanderbilt University Cancer Center
Kaytar, Doru 1995 M.Sc. Software Industry
Shahine, Bilal 1995 M.Sc. Medical Physicist, Qatar
MacGillivray, Cathy 1996 M.Sc. Senior Medical Physicist, Nucletron Canada Inc.
Rapley, Patrick 1996 Ph.D. Radiotherapy Physicist, Thunder Bay, ON
Wallace, Julia 1996 Ph.D. Lecturer, Carleton University
Wilkins, Ruth 1996 Ph.D. Research Scientist, Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada
Gates, Larry 1997 Ph.D. Clinical Physicist, New Hampshire
Gobbi, David 1997 M.Sc. Completed PhD at U Western Ontario in Medical Biophysics. One of the principals in a medical image visualization software company, Atamac
Soubra, Mazen 1997 Ph.D. Radiotherapy physicist, upstate New York
Boyden, Sheri 1998 M.Sc. MD student at McMaster University
Lenton, Kevin 1998 Ph.D. Physics Department, Vanier College, Montreal
MacPherson, Miller 1998 Ph.D. Head of Radiotherapy Physics, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Zhang, Geoff 1998 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida
Hewitt, Tanya 1999 M.Sc. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Sheikh-Bagheri, D. 1999 Ph.D. Product Manager, Philips Radiation Oncology Systems
Gauthier, Yvan 2000 M.Sc. Operatonal Research Section, Department of National Defence
Leclair, Robert 2000 Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Physics, Laurentian University
Li, Mei 2000 M.Sc. Medical Physicist, Morristown Memorial Hospital, New Jersey
Martel, Narine 2000 M.Sc. Health Physicist at Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada
Owen, Daron 2000 M.Sc.  
Sévigny, Pascale 2000 M.Sc. Physicist with the Defense Research Establishment, Ottawa
Smith, Debbie 2000 M.Sc. Medical Physicist at Centre Hospitalier des Vallées de l'Outaouais
Kalach, Nina 2001 M.Sc. Medical Physicist, St Vincents, NYC
Larsson, Carey 2001 M.Sc. Defense Scientist, DRDC, Ottawa
McDonald, Mark 2001 M.Sc.  
Myint, Kenji 2001 M.Sc. PhD student at Carleton
Wismayer, Matthew 2001 M.Sc. Research assistant, CRNL
Jelveh, Salomeh 2002 M.Sc.  
Olariu, Elena 2003 M.Sc. PhD student at Carleton University (Ph.D. 2009)
Carlone, Marco 2004 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, Princess Margaret Hosital, President of COMP
Hasan, Ziaul 2004 M.Sc.  
Mullins, Dana 2004 M.Sc. Technician, Health Canada
Niedbala, Gosia 2004 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Parra Robles, Juan 2004 Ph.D. University of Sheffield
White, Steven 2004 M.Sc. PhD student at Queen's University
Wind, Andrew 2004 M.Sc. Technical trainer, Department of National Defence, National Headquarters, Ottawa
Abdeen, Nishard 2005 M.Sc. Radiologist, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Buckley, Lesley 2005 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Nisar, Mohammad 2005 M.Sc.  
Tonkopi, Elena 2005 M.Sc. Diagnostic Physicist, Halifax, NS
Wassenaar, Richard 2005 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, Best Industries, Ottawa
Dugal, Cliff 2006 M.Sc.  
Gao, Zhanrong 2006 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, Morristown Memorial Hospital, New Jersey
Garcia-Fernandez, Lourdes Maria 2006 M.Sc. Ph.D. at Carleton (Ph.D 2009)
Gherase, Mihai 2006 Ph.D. Assistant Prof of Physics, Fresno State University, California.
Nkongchu, Ken 2006 Ph.D. Dept. of Radiology, Diag Physics, Henry Ford Health System Hospital, Detroit
Taylor, Randy 2006 M.Sc. Software industry, Waterloo
Sego, Zdenko 2006 M.Sc. Software Industry, Ottawa
Nezamzadeh, Marzieh 2006 Ph.D. MRI physicist, Stonybrook University, NY
Andrievski, Andrei 2007 M.Sc.  
Ghasroddashti, Esmaeel 2007 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, Lethbridge Cancer Centre
Ali, Elsayed   2007 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2012 from Carleton University
Cherpak, Amanda   2007 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2011 from Carleton University
Dumouchel, Tyler 2007 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2011 from Carleton University
Renaud, Jennifer 2008 M.Sc. Research Assistant, Ottawa Heart Institute
Strydhorst, Jared 2008 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2013 from Carleton University
Myint, Kenji 2008 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, Methodist Medical Center, Peoria,IL
Andrew McDonald 2008 M.Sc.  
Wang, Lilie 2009 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, Vanderbilt
La Russa, Dan 2009 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
King, Brian   2009 Ph.D. Physics Resident, Virginia Commonwealth University
Wood (Murphy ),Tara 2009 M.Sc PhD 2012 from RMC Kingston
Beaton, Lindsay 2009 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2012 from Carleton University 
Lalonde, Michel 2009 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2013 from Carleton University
Chamberland, Marc 2009 M.Sc. Ph.D. 2015 from Carleton University
Soleimani, Mojgan 2009 M.Sc.  
Olariu, Elena 2009 Ph.D. Diagnostic Physics Resident, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit
Garcia-Fernandez, Lourdes Maria 2009 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, Oshawa Ont
Gil, Elena 2009 M.Sc.  
Pourmoghaddas, Amir 2010 M.Sc. Ph.D. student, Carleton
Hunter, Chad 2010 M.Sc. Ph.D. student, Carleton
Foottit, Claire 2010 Ph.D. Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Truica, Sorina 2010 Ph.D. Research Associate at University of Lethbridge
Assouad, Patrick 2010 M.Sc.  
Mainegra-Hing, Ernesto 2010 Ph.D. Physicist at the National Research Council Canada
Nahin, Munira Fardous 2011 M.Sc.  
Cherpak, Amanda 2011 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, Halifax Cancer Centre
Dumouchel, Tyler 2011 Ph.D. Industrial physicist
Omotayo, Azeez 2012 M.Sc.  Clinical Research Associate, Cancer Care Manitoba
Spencer, Ben 2012 M.Sc. Ph.D. studies in France
Landheer, Karl 2012 M.Sc. Ph.D. studies at U of Toronto
Ali, Elsayed 2012 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Efseaff, Matthew 2012 M.Sc.  
Belec, Jason 2012 Ph.D. Clinical Medical Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Beaton, Lindsay 2012 Ph.D. Research Scientist, Health Canada
Sutherland, Justin 2013 Ph.D. Physics resident,The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Muir, Bryan 2013 Ph.D. Researcher, National Research Council Canada
Michel LaLonde 2013 Ph.D. Physics resident, Kingston Cancer Centre
Jared Strydhorst 2013 Ph.D. Research Associate, Ottawa Heart Institute
Chiasson, Stephanie 2013 M.Sc. Instructor at La Cite Collegiale
El Gamal, Islam 2013 M.Sc. Technical Officer at National Research Council Canada
Lesperance, Marielle 2013 M.Sc.  
McFadden, Conor 2013 M.Sc. Research assistant, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Tx
Zanette, Brandon 2013 M.Sc. Ph.D. student, U of Toronto
Marshall, Frank 2014 M.Sc. Ph.D. student at Queens University
Razavi, Simin 2014 M.Sc. further study
Prior, Paul 2014 M.Sc. Hi-tech industry
Lukhumaidze, Leila 2014 M.Sc. Hi-tech industry