Welcome to new theory research associates Vikram Rentala and Andrea Peterson

Monday, September 1, 2014

The theory group is happy to welcome two new postdoctoral Research Associates this fall.

Dr. Vikram Rentala joins us from Michigan State University, where he worked on the development of new techniques to pull more physics from events with jets at the LHC -- in particular, new ways to tag W bosons and to discriminate quark-initiated jets from gluon-initiated jets.  Carleton's ATLAS group is already taking an interest.  He is also an expert on dark matter and collider phenomenology, and was involved in the development of "simplified models" techniques for LHC searches for new physics.

Dr. Andrea Peterson joins us from University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she recently completed her PhD on double Higgs production from an extended Higgs sector and how it can be used to probe the details of the underlying model.  She has also worked on physics involving new heavy gauge bosons (W' and Z' models).

Their expertise is a great addition to the theory group.  Welcome Vikram and Andrea!