Colloquium May 4: DarkSide-5-: A Liquid Argon Detector for WIMP Searches

Monday, May 1, 2017

Special colloquium:  Thursday May 4 at 14:30  in 238 TB (Tory Building)

Note ** special time **. 

Speaker: Masayuki Wada, Princeton University

Title:   DarkSide-50: A Liquid Argon Detector for WIMP Searches


DarkSide-50 is a liquid argon based experiment searching for Weakly Interacting Particles (WIMPs), a well-motivated candidate for Dark Matter. DarkSide-50 is designed to be a background-free WIMP search using a two-phase argon TPC that is operated inside an active veto at the LNGS underground laboratory in Italy. A blind analysis of more than one year of DarkSide-50 data is currently underway. I will describe the DarkSide-50 detector and discuss in detail event reconstruction methods and their impact on our understanding of the background for the blind analysis.