The Physics Show

Monday, October 24, 2016

Physics show banner

We're still in preparation for our second Halloween Physics Show. Last year was a fun, this year will be even better!

Physics show - Instruments     Physics show Van der graff  

Registration is required because space is limited (free):

More appropriate for 12 or older, but younger children are welcome.


  • Lightning machine and Plasma balls
  • Lasers and Rainbows
  • Gyroscopes and gravity defying devices
  • Costume Contest (prize for the best costume)
  • And much more!

To get to Carleton University, follow the directions described here:

For parking, try the parking garage (P9).

To find Herzberg Laboratories (HP), use this map.  The main entrance is from the East, there's a huge pendulum as soon as you enter the building: