CLOSED: ATLAS Postdoctoral Positions with Carleton University

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The Carleton University Particle Physics Group in Ottawa, Canada invites applications for two postdoctoral positions on the ATLAS experiment. The Carleton ATLAS group consists of five faculty members: Alain Bellerive, Dag Gillberg, Thomas Koffas, Gerald Oakham, and Manuella Vincter, three postdoctoral fellows, and will have nine graduate students this fall.

The Carleton ATLAS group was responsible for the construction of two forward calorimeter modules for the ATLAS detector at the CERN LHC. Currently, the Carleton group has a major role in the construction of the small Thin Gap Chambers as part of the muon detector New Small Wheel (NSW) Phase-I upgrade. The group is also taking on significant responsibilities in the construction of the endcap inner tracker strip detector (ITk) as part of the Phase-II upgrade. We are also active in electron and muon combined performance. The Carleton group contributes to the physics exploration at the LHC, working on Standard Model studies and Higgs physics. For more information on our group please see our web page:-

We are looking for two candidates to work on the NSW and ITk, respectively. We are interested in candidates who hold a Ph.D. degree in experimental particle physics, who have a track record of leading contributions to physics analyses, and who have demonstrated experience and aptitude in detector R&D/construction, particularly with the detector technologies relevant to the NSW and ITk upgrade projects. For both positions, the candidates should have a skill set that would help lead future test-beam efforts and characterise the performance related to these detectors. For the NSW project, the candidate would develop the knowledge to maintain the sTGC digitisation simulation, and contribute to the commissioning of the detector. For the ITk project, the candidate would participate in the Eastern-Canada construction site qualification and develop expertise in DAQ electronics/firmware. The successful applicants would spend approximately half of their time working on the upgrade project and the remaining time on combined performance studies and leading physics analyses based on ATLAS Run-2 data, where the team has strong commitments and interests. The candidates would also be expected to help with the supervision of our students. The positions will be based at Carleton University, with frequent travel to CERN.

The candidates should send by email a CV, a statement of research interests, and arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent to:

Professor Manuella Vincter
Department of Physics, Carleton University
Tel (at CERN): +41 22 767 1139
Email: vincteratphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca

We will consider applications as soon as they are complete and expect to make two appointments this summer or fall. We encourage all qualified persons to apply.