TA Positions available for Fall 2015 Term for PHYS 1003, PHYS 1007 and BIT 1002

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Teaching Assistant Opportunities
Carleton University, Department of Physics

Applications are invited from students at Carleton University and other interested persons to work as a Teaching Assistant in a first year Physics and/or BIT courses during the 2015 Fall term.

Required Qualifications
Candidates should have at least successfully completed a BSc degree in Physics or Engineering Physics or have successfully completed third year in the undergraduate program in Physics or Engineering Physics at Carleton. In exceptional circumstances, undergraduate students in third year Physics or Engineering Physics may also be considered. Students who are currently in fourth year of the Engineering program at Carleton with a GPA of 10 or above may also be considered. Applicants will be required to demonstrate the core competences required for the relevant TA duties. Priority will be given to current physics undergraduates and candidates who have previously worked as a TA in a Physics Department and have demonstrated excellent physics knowledge and good work ethics.

Duties of the job
The duties may include but are not limited to: marking assignments and lab reports and tests; assisting students with experiments in the undergraduate laboratories and/or during the tutorial sessions.

Course descriptions are available online at http://calendar.carleton.ca/undergrad/courses/

Application Procedures and Deadlines
Please complete the TA Employment Form in its entirety and attach a current CV and any relevant transcripts and email it to Eva [dot] Lacelleatcarleton [dot] ca no later than August 15, 2015.
Please note that persons with no TA experience will be invited for an interview and will be given a short practical test.

Only the successful candidates will be contacted.