Carleton Researchers Contribute to International Particle Accelerator Announcement

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Carleton University researchers are part of team responsible for the new Technical Design Report by the worldwide International Linear Collider (ILC) community.

Since 2000, the Carleton group has been involved in all aspects of the ILC Time Projection Chamber (TPC) design and construction, as well as particle physics phenomenology that connects theoretical and experimental findings. The group includes Heather E. Logan, associate professor of theoretical particle physics; Alain Bellerive, professor of experimental particle physics; and Madhu Dixit, professor of experimental particle physics.

“A straight-line linear collider like the ILC is a very precise probe of the ultrahigh-energy realm, where nature’s force might become unified, “ said Bellerive. “To achieve our goals, the development of the next generation particle detectors, like the ILC TPC, are necessary. Carleton and Canada have been at the forefront of the technological effort to design and build the ILC detectors.”

“This report represents a huge amount of work on the part of theorists and experimentalists over the past few years,” said Logan. “After the Higgs boson discovery last summer, the top priority of particle physics is learning more about it. The LHC will take us a long way in this direction over the next decade. The ILC is the perfect next-generation machine to take high-precision measurements of the Higgs boson’s properties to the next level. The Technical Design Report is, in essence, a blueprint. If we start construction tomorrow, we have the necessary R&D in hand.”

The worldwide announcement event, From Design to Reality, started in Tokyo, continued at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and concluded at Fermilab near Chicago, Illinois. The event included addresses by proponents of the ILC, talks about the physics that can be done with the machine, as well as details about the accelerator and detector technologies that have been developed, public lectures and a classical music concert.


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