OMPI Seminar - Sara Kashi, Dal Granville, Malcolm McEwen

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time: 3:30-5:00 pm (Refreshements start at 3:15)

Location: Herzberg Building Room 4351, Carleton University.

Note: Seminar will be followed by annual social event: TBD


1. "Experimental verification of 4D Monte Carlo simulations of dose delivery to a deforming anatomy"

by Sara Kashi, Supervisors: Emily Heath and Joanna Cygler.

Abstract: One of the main concerns during radiotherapy treatment of lung cancer is the impact of respiratory motion on the dose delivered to the target. Different approaches have been used to estimate the dose delivered to a patient while accounting for such motions. In this talk I will present our 4D Monte Carlo simulation method that uses measurements of a patient's respiratory motion pattern to calculate the dose delivered to a deformable phantom during static or VMAT beam deliveries.

The phantom is designed in a way to emulate the radiological and motion properties of the lung. A Monte Carlo model of the Elekta Infinity linac has been used for dose calculations with this method. Validation of this method using measurements on a respiratory motion phantom will be presented as well.


2. "Machine learning applications in patient-specific quality assurance"

by Dal Granville, Supervisors: Justin Sutherland and Dan La Russa

Abstract:  Patient-specific quality assurance (QA) measurements are routinely performed prior to the delivery of intensity modulated radiotherapy treatments to verify accuracy in dose calculation and plan delivery. In this work, we applied machine learning techniques to our database of ~2000 patient-specific QA measurements to examine the impacts of treatment plan complexity and linac performance on patient-specific QA results. The goals of this work were to isolate problematic plan features from problematic linac issues and to pre-emptively identify treatment plans that are likely to fail QA. Such techniques allow clinical physicists to better identify corrective actions when failures occur, and have the potential to reduce the considerable resources dedicated to the patient-specific QA process.


3. "OMPI: state of the union"

by Malcolm McEwen, PhD

Abstract: As OMPI looks towards its 30th Anniversary we have a lot to be proud of. This celebratory presentation will provide an overview of OMPI: where it came from, who is involved and what makes it special. In a sentence, OMPI is a self-governing volunteer network that is the foundational element to building a world-class medical physics educational program in Ottawa that capitalizes on expertise distributed over several clinical, government, and academic centres. The presentation will expand on this and attendees will be energized by the content, finding it hard not to plunge headlong into volunteering with OMPI in any way they can.


4. Social Event

Details: Nick Majtenyi has made a reservation at Patty's Pub near Carleton (1186 Bank Street) for a group gathering after the seminar.