The place to start learning about the EUDET-Class MAPS-based Beam Telescope (EMBT), it's capabilities, and the associated software frameworks is on CERN's TWiki page: Mimosa-NI (EUDET copy) Telescope. Be aware that the wiki is a work in progress and many links are non-functional. As Carleton gains experience with the telescope, we will be collecting relevant data and presentations and making them available at the Presentations and Technical Data page here. There is a EUDAQ Software User Manual and an online EUDAQ Documentation page (which includes information on how to access the current software repository). Another critical resource is the EUTelescope site, which provides information (including instructions on how to access the software) on the Generic Pixel Telescope Data Analysis Framework (which can export to ROOT for further analysis if necessary).

For the most current information on the state of the overall EMBT technology, on what experiments are using it and their experiences, and updates on new developments, see the proceedings from the 2013 EUTelescope Workshop. There is also a wealth of information on the archival web site for the JRA1 sub-site of the EUDET project (which concluded in 2010). While this site is historic in nature, the meetings pages have dozens of presentations that can be downloaded, and some of these contain information not available anywhere else.

Additional resources that might be of use are as follows: