Available Services

The Telescope

The High-Resolution Beam Telescope Facility consists of the EUDET-Class MAPS-based Beam Telescope (EMBT) itself, including all cooling and support electronics required for its operation, all necessary network switches and access to the Internet, the Trigger Logic Unit (TLU), the Labview-based FPGA EUDAQ unit (DAQ), and a Linux-based (Scientific Linux) analysis (EUT) computer running the EUTelescope software, ROOT, and various other standard packages.

Analysis Computer

While Carleton can provide access to its EUT computer on an as-needed basis, it is recommended that all experiments provide their own Linux-based analysis system. This will permit the experiment team to maintain control of the software load used for their experiment along with all data that is collected from the telescope. Once the facility is fully commissioned and tested, we will be publishing instructions on how to create an analysis computer system that will ensure minimal integration issues when the team arrives at Carleton.

Integration and Experiment Support

Support services before, during, and after an experiment – including the acquisition or manufacture of any specialty equipment, support brackets, electronics, provisioning of networking capability, etc. – will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and documented in the services agreement. This can include planning support, early engagement on scientific and technical issues to facilitate integration, guidance in performing the software development required to integrate the data stream from a device under test into the EUDAQ framework, operation of the actual telescope during the experiment, training on the EUTelescope analysis software, and scientific and technical consulting as necessary.

Additional Facilities and Services

In addition, numerous other facilities and services are available as detailed on the Technical Group for Instrumentation Development for Particle Physics Research web page.

To Request Access

Requests for use of the High-Resolution Beam Telescope Facility will be assessed by a board consisting of HEP scientists. The assessment will be based on standard NSERC principles. Please see the web page for the Technical Group for Instrumentation Development for Particle Physics Research for more information and additional facilities and services available through the physics department at Carleton University.