The Jasbir Singh Sidhu Memorial Book Fund


Jasbir Sidhu was an MSc student in experimental particle physics. He worked with Professor Penny Estabrooks at the fixed target experiment E691 at Fermilab near Chicago. In July 1987, towards the end of the second year of his degree, Jasbir died suddenly while at Fermilab. At the convocation of November 1987, Jasbir Singh Sidhu was awarded a posthumous MSc. This award was endowed shortly thereafter by students and members of the Physics Department in his memory.


 Year  Winner  Year  Winner Year  Winner
2017 Alexandre Poulin  2016
Eric Christiansen & Kevin Earl  2015

Graham Cree &        Patricia Oliver


 Katy Hartling   

 2013  James Lacey      2012  Thomas McCarthy
 2011 Travis Martin &  Ken Moats  2010  Pierre-Luc Drouin  2009 Louise Heelan &        Olivier Simard
 2008  Ahmed Ismail  2007  Elsayed Ali & Gordana Tesic  2006  Esmaeel Ghasroddashti & John Paul Archambault
2003  Andrew Wind 2002  Ken Nkongchu  2001  Mike Donkers
2000  David Waller  1999  Pascale Sévigny 1998  Tanya Hewitt
 1997  Mikulas Gintner 1996  Matthew Jones  1995  Greg Stuart
1994  Ivan Melo 1993  Denis Dumas 1992  Denis Dumas