Personal Webpage Creation

This guide provides basic instructions on how to set up your personal web page on the Carleton Physics Computing facility.

Where do I put my pages?

To make your pages available they have to be in the subdirectory public_html under your unix root directory.
(E.g., /home/yourname/public_html) It may be necessary to change the protection on the directory so it will be world readable.

To create this directory, log onto your unix account and enter the following commands:

mkdir public_html
chmod +rx public_html

The first command creates the directory, the second insures that anybody can read the contents.

To check if the protections are correct you can look at your directory from your web browser. For example, if you went to and the protection on /home/yourname/public_html did not allow world access, then the server would return the 403 Permission denied page.

Naming Files

Your home page file must be called index.html for it to be seen automatically. As well, any subdirectories of public_html should have an index.html file as well.

If you do not have an index.html file then the world will be able to see all the files in this directory of your web tree, whether you want them to or not. Always provide an index.html file in each web directory.

The rest of your pages can be named whatever you like, but they must have the extension .html to be interpreted as a web page.

Home Page Template

A standard template is available for your home page as a starting point.  Please contact System Administrator for more information.