Useful Commands

On the research cluster interactive nodes, atlas01, atlas02, egs02 and egs03, you are able to login, submit jobs to the grid engine and monitor and/or delete them using these commands: 

  • List all jobs    - qstat -f 
  • List jobs for <user>  - qstat - u <user>, where <user> is unix username
  • Submit a job  - qsub  <filename>, where ,<filename> is your command script
  • Delete job -  qdel  <Job-ID>,  where <Job-ID>, is the Job ID as shown in "qstat -u" command. NB: if you are unable to delete your job using this command, try qdel -f <Job-ID>. Failing that, email the <Job-ID> to the system administrator and ask for the job to be deleted.

For more information, see man pages for : qsub, qdel, qstat, sge_intro on any of the interactive nodes,ie man qsub.