Requesting Internet Connectivity

If you have a new desktop or laptop computer that you wish to connect to the local Physics network or if you are acting on behalf of a visitor who requires connectivity, please send the following information to the system administrator via email:

  1. Name of Computer User or Owner
  2. Email Address of Computer User or Owner
  3. Name of Carleton Physics Contact (if visitor) or Supervisor (if student or employee)
  4. Assigned Office or Lab Number (If Applicable)
  5. Computer Type (desktop or laptop)
  6. Operating System Installed on Computer
  7. MAC Address of Computer. (See below for instructions on determining  MAC Address

Printable Request Form

Determining MAC Address
For windows: Click 'Start'- 'Run', then enter 'command'. In the DOS window, enter 'IPCONFIG /ALL''. The entry 'Physical Address' is the MAC ID for the "Local Area Connection".

For MAC OS X: Click the blue apple icon, pull down to 'About this Mac'. Click 'More Info', then 'Network'

For Linux: Run 'ifconfig'' from a command line.

Please ensure the address recorded is the regular ethernet connection (LAN) and not the wireless one.