Request for Computing Account

To request a new Physics computing account, please send the following information about the person for who the account is being requested via email to the system administrator

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Existing email address
  3. Carleton University Student ID (if applicable)
  4. Room Number where they will be located
  5. The name of the supervisor or contact
  6. Start and stop dates

Printable Request Form




Please note the computing group is unable to provide desktop units (PCs or MACs) for new users although is available to refurbish desktop units that belong to their supervisor or their research group for the use of the new user.  Sunray desktop units are also available for incoming personnel as well.

Please note that the use of the Physics computing facility is restricted to activities directly related to one's position with the Physics Department. Any misuse of computer resources will result in the withdrawal of all computer privileges.