This is a beta release of egs_brachy, an egs++ application for rapid brachytherapy dose calculations. Some features of egs_brachy include:

  • Dose scoring via a tracklength estimator or interaction scoring
  • Scoring of the spectrum of particles emitted from a source or particle fluence in a voxel
  • Primary and scatter separated dose calculations
  • Particle recycling for simulations with multiple sources
  • Bremsstrahlung cross section enhancement, uniform bremsstrahlung splitting, and Russian Roulette for efficient electronic brachytherapy simulations.
  • A comprehensive library of brachytherapy source geometries ,

egs_brachy is available as free and open-source software on GitHub with associated documentation (the egs_brachy paper published in Phys. Med. Biol. in 2016; user manual; technical reference manual


egs_brachy GitHub repository




Version v2017.09.15

  • Initial beta release