3ddose tools

This is a predistribution of 3ddose tools primarily meant for testing.  Below are two files required to install 3ddose_tools on linux/unix systems.  Save them to the same directory, and execute the c shell script install_3ddt. from that directory.  The script should guide you from there.

3ddose tools is built on the Qt 4 framework, and can be compiled on Windows as well.  It requires either the MinGW tool chain (g++ version 4.7+) or Microsoft Visual Studio (version 2012+).  The Qt for windows installation instructions can be found here.  All the necessary source files for 3ddose tools are in the tar package.

Installation Script

User Guide


The current version of 3ddose tools, version 1.2, has not been tested extensively, so problems will likely occur.  If there are any issues, please contact Martin Martinov at martinovatphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca and he will try to resolve the issue in a timely manner.



Version 1.2

  • A default 10x10x10 cm^3 air phantom is loaded into the previewer by default, to allow isodose curve visualizing without having to load an egsphant
  • The application no longer has a segmentation fault on close
  • Fixed dashed and dotted isodose contours in the previewer
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1

  • Minor bug fixes