ATLAS activities with Carleton involvement - Testbeam Monte Carlo Simulation 2003

Carleton Monte Carlo group has participated in the simulation of the Forward Calorimeter.The simulated ATLAS events that will be used to test the data analysis program prior to Large Hadron
Collider(LHC) turn on and to help understand the performance of the detector.
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The energy density as a function of radius for a 100 GeV electron in 4L. Not that it is still off-centered because of the discrepancy between the truth impact point and the real point are still a bit off.

The linearity of the electrons. Plotted is the ratio of the "reconstructed" energy and the total energy in the FCal (using calibration hits). The "reconstructed" energy is still at the simulation level, but is calculated using E_reco=sum_i EFcal_i/ SF_i where EFcal_i is the energy deposited in the liquid argon gaps (as calculated using regular hits) of the i-th module.

The (non) linearity of the pions (calculated  same as above).  As we know, the non-linearity is caused by the non- linear "invisible" energy.